A modern, under development CS 1.6 client based on 8684 steam version, enriched with genuine features

NextClient aims to introduce those features that Counter-Strike players have been dreaming about for years. Enhanced security, redesigned interface with the ability to change the theme, fastest download of resources and list of game servers, Steam player avatars and more.

Based on the Steam version

NextClient is based on the latest build of the game client (8684). This gives a performance boost, more security and fewer critical bugs that could lead to trouble.

EXPERIMENTALLY Added Steam compatibility mode

Protection and safety

Traditionally, the client has a built-in protector that protects against malicious commands and files sent from game servers. The client also counteracts the work of the cheats that are run on it.

Extended interface

Redesigned main menu interface, which added new settings, elements, detailed download indicators, as well as displaying avatars of Steam users.

Fastest resources download

Do you like to surf game servers? NextClient is first among other clients not only in the speed of retrieving servers from the Internet, but also the leader in download speed by implementing multithreaded downloading.

Tools for developers

The client supports an API for developers, which allows game server developers to use the new features of NextClient. For example:

  • Legitimate change of cvars with a guarantee for the restoration of standard settings after disconnecting from the server, in other words without slow hacking
  • Abillity to manage sprites on the client's screen wide range of control over them color, frame, animation, render mode and etc.
  • Abillity to control the mode of rendering first person models (viewmodels)